Must read: Symptoms and treatment of heart attack

Dr. Tosin Majekodunmi is a consultant, interventional cardiologist and medical director, Euracare Multi-specialist Hospital, VI Lagos.

He joined the ladies of Your View to talk about Heart Attack symptoms and treatment. According to him, “heart attack is essentially a lay man’s term and it’s basically talking about the heart being a muscle that has its own blood supplier”. Dr Tosin stated that an heart attack can lead to a cardiac arrest, which makes it an emergency because if a certain part of the heart is not getting enough blood, that part can become abnormal and then, the heart stops working”.

“50 percent of people that have heart attack, we as doctors don’t get an opportunity to intervene on them, because sadly they just slump and die on the spot. The moment they have the first symptoms of the attack , the heart goes into cardiac arrest, they slump and die. But for the other fifty percent, there is time to be able to do something. If you have chest pain, any abnormal shortness of breath or if feel unwell, go to the hospital IMMEDIATELY to know whether what you are having is a heart attack.”

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