Don’t be a supermum all the time, get some rest.

Research tells us that mothers spend more time on their kids, typically and culturally. The typical stay-at-home mum spends more time with the children than fathers.

Parenting well being, human flourish teacher and coach, Izefua Erhaboh, spoke with Mary Alimi about mum self-care; a tool for positive parenting.

According to her, being alone with the children can be overwhelming. When mums spend time with their children, they spend more time cleaning, cooking and training. Mothers need to be mindful and present.

A lot of times, mothers are mindless multi-taskers, after which they become “AUTOMATIC PARENTS”. The result is that the mothers start screaming, spanking, cranky, not attending to their personal needs and that of their child.

Izefua stated some points mothers need to take note of;

1) Take a walk around to think right

2) Notice how you feel

3) Show constant gratitude (Contributions on being a good mother)

4) Sleep (Don’t feel guilty when you sleep)

Seek help, don’t try too hard to be a supermum. When you get overwhelmed, it is important you get help when needed.

Planning ahead is really important for mothers so your plans can work out.


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