How I survived Covid-19 – Delta State Commissioner recounts experience

The Honorable Commissioner for Information in Delta State, Mr. Charles Aniagwu spoke with the ladies of Your View on how he survived Covid-19.

When asked how he came in contact with the virus, the Honorable stated:
“At the level we are now, nobody can easily say how they contracted the virus, overtime the virus has moved from one part of the country to the other. The moment you can’t trace who you came in contact with, you are unable to identify who must have been the source.”

He added: “Covid-19 was on the mild side, it is different from when people complain about malaria, we at some point suffer malaria and we know the difference and how we are used to self-medications in this part of the world. Malaria is not the same as Covid-19, because when you treat malaria, it could come in form of fever, you suspect it is malaria and you treat the illness but it doesn’t go.”

The Honorable also said that in his own case, he didn’t get any symptoms, thinking that if he did the test, it would come out negative but in less than 24 hours, “I lost my touch of smell; the result came out positive and I made myself available to medical doctors”.
He further stated:
There are lots of mistrust from the people because of the failed promises from the government. They need to believe that Covid-19 is real and the government is doing all they can to flatten the curve. It would have been easy when the government ordered a lockdown, to provide certain forms of palliatives that will last the people much longer.
On Self-medication, Mr Chales said: “it cannot be an option in the case of Covid-19. There are different body types and different health cases, it is not the right thing to take herbs in this situation of Covid-19.

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