Monday Motivation: Excellence beats Prejudice

On today’s episode on Monday Motivation, Fola Daniel-Adelesi, an inspirational speaker, communication expert and renowned actor sat to discuss with Mike Mesikenor.

He spoke on ‘Excellence Beats Prejudice’:

“Several years ago, there was a time black people couldn’t be on television, there was a time you couldn’t put people of color near the screen but excellence actually beats prejudice. Let’s bring it back home and use late Tolulope Arotile as an example. She was a young pilot despite the general notion that a lady is too young to do things like that. There are people of color all over the world who are doing amazing and fantastic things. When you build yourself from a level of excellence, it wouldn’t matter what people think about you or what their opinions are.”

Once they see the quality of the work that you are bringing on board and how irresistible your delivery is, your color wouldn’t matter. As an individual, you need to ensure whatever you are doing is top notch and you put in your best. The reality is that the prejudice can’t be stopped totally, however you can silence everyone based on your excellence. Excellence is something we strive for and you have to work hard for it.

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