Major causes of hair loss in men and women | Solutions proffered by Ayo Ayo Otubanjo

Alopecia is a major cause of hair loss to men and women in Africa. It is a partial or complete absence of hair from areas of the body where it normally grows.

Medical Expert on hair loss – Ayo Otubanjo during his talk with the ladies of ‘Your View’, shared his experience with Hair loss patients:

“We see a lot of women in the clinic with all manners of hair loss due to a condition called traction Alopecia. We often come in contact with another condition of Alopecia which is as a result of the chemical relaxer.”

He said some women also lose hair due to tightened hair styles:

“There is nothing wrong in doing braids but why does it have to be tight?”

Some men also suffer from baldness, this he said can be referred to as Genetic Alopecia.


Ayo Otubanjo ended the discussion by giving some tips on hair management:

  • Don’t make your hair back to back, let your hair rest before a new one.
  • 3weeks are enough to keep tight braids.
  • Ensure products (hair relaxers etc.) are satisfied and right for your kind of hair before usage; ask your hairstylist for guidance.
  • Men and Women with bald conditions should see a hair loss consultant as bald hair is a genetic factor (hereditary), that can only be managed medically.


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