Ex BBNaija housemate, Eric speaks on his stance with Lilo and Wathoni, reveals girls are in his DM

TVC’s Entertainment Splash had a chat with recently evicted #BBNaija season 5 housemate, Eric Akhigbe Oshiokhai. He answered questions as regards his relationship with Lilo, Wathoni, life after the reality show as well as his education and business. Enjoy! (Scroll down to watch full video).

Q: What was your strategy going into big brother’s house?

A: My strategy when I was going into the house was to sell myself and let people know I was into fitness. If you were frequent with the show, you would have seen me without my shirt many times, but most importantly, I just wanted to have fun apart from the grand prize.


Q: Did you think the strategy worked for you?


A: Yes, it did to an extent, people reached out to me already. What’s left for me to sieve out the ones that are good for me, long term.


Q: Have you and Lilo spoken since you got out of the house?

A: Yes, we have. We are good friends.


Q: Did you think your relationship with Lilo was a distraction?


A: No, to me. I had a plan to work out all the time to ginger every one, show my body, show myself; I did that to an extent. The relationship wasn’t distracting.


Q: Are you going back to school? We heard you were in your 3rd year n Covenant university but you didn’t finish there, plus are you going back to UNILAG?

A: Myself and the course I was studying at Covenant were not compatible, it was something I wanted to use after the whole education, so I thought to myself that I should try something else and see how it goes.


Q: You play basketball, how is that going?


A: Basketball is my first love. I started playing since I was 11 years old, I used to go for competitions. When I got to my first University, the plan was to get a BSC, leave the country and chase the dream. But I got an injury that messed up my knee. I could not focus on school and basketball; it was a lot of mixed feelings.


Q: How has it been since you got out of the house? With fans and the increase in your social media following. How do you feel?

A: It feels really good. When I go on the streets and people just notice me, it makes me feel I have gotten to a level where everything is different. It has been fun with the interviews and media rounds. I am looking forward to what the future holds.


Q: Does Eric have a special someone?


A: I am still very much single, ‘bachelor vibes.’


Q: When the partners of housemates in previous seasons got evicted (such as Teddy A and Bambam), they cried. But you didn’t, why?

A: I was definitely sad when Lilo left, but I had my guys come talk to me. Neo and Ozo told me to be focused and remember why I was there. So, I continued eating my noodles.


Q: The relationship you had with Lilo was brief, you moved on so quickly with Wathoni?


A: Wathoni and I are just friends, nothing can happen between us, so we just had to stay friends.


Q: Who do you miss the most between Neo and Ozo?

A: I miss Neo, he is my G and reminds me of my friends a lot. Since the first day in the house, I knew he was someone I could vibe with.


Q: Who do you think will win this season of the reality show?


A: Obviously Neo, but since I came out of the house and judging from fans’ responses, I think it will be one of Nengi, Laycon or Kiddwaya.

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