Changing your crab mentality – Monday Motivation

Life coach, Fola-Daniel spoke with Mazino Appeal of Wake Up Nigeria, on Changing your crab mentality.

He started by saying: “In the African society when one person tries to succeed, even before the person is able to succeed, we start placing so much demand on the person and eventually, he or she is not able to rise and comes back to the level of every other person.”  The crab mentality is that mindset that enjoys it when everyone is on the same level; when you are pleased with not progressing, so far no one is succeeding.


Fola-Daniel mentioned certain things you need to do to cut the crab mentality and make sure it doesn’t affect your progress.

  1. Learn to catch people by surprise.
  2. Show people results and not your plan.
  3. You need to come to that point where you are genuinely happy for others no matter how well they are succeeding, even if you are not succeeding yet.

One of the principles of success is for you to be genuinely happy for others, celebrate them when they excel. If you are bitter or jealous towards anyone succeeding, you won’t be able to get close to them to know their secret to success. Take away jealousy and pride. You are only seeing today, you don’t know what will happen tomorrow. See video below:



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