Man threatens wife to donate her kidney to his mom, else…

On the coffee gist segment of TVC’s Wake Up Nigeria, Mary, Emem, and Tope discussed the story of a wife pressured to donate her kidney.

The 26 year old lady married to a 33 year old man with a child who is only 3, is at a crossroad and wants to know the right decision to take.

Her husband’s mother who is 48 years old is down with kidney problems and has gone for tests to find a perfect match. It turns out that her daughter-in-law’s kidney matches hers perfectly and her son is now asking his wife to donate her kidney to his mother.

The wife says that she cannot donate her kidney because she is too young to die and still has a child to cater for. Her husband however insists that if she claims to love him she should donate the kidney, with a clause that if his mother dies as a result of the delay in Kidney transplant, he would never forgive her.

What are your thoughts on this? What do you suggest as the way forward for this family?



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