Motivation Monday: Creating The Foundation For Trans-Generational Leadership

Transition in leadership is not something that happens by accident, it is something that happens intentionally.

This means there has to be a plan in place to reproduce and raise other leaders. When new members are recruited into an organization, there is a plan to follow but what happens many times is that when people come in, there is no clear structure within the organization.

There should be a clear plan, a plan that helps people to understand how to transcend from one point and constantly coach and mentor them.

Transition in leadership is about the best decision that can be made to seek the future of the organization. Organizations need to get to that point where they decide the best decision and best interest for them, without allowing emotions get in the way.

From there, decide on leaders who have strong sense of awareness, who are emotionally intelligent and who are able to separate these emotions for what is the best interest of the organization.

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