Ladies, avoid doing your make-up in the car because….

Today’s etiquette segment by Janet Adetu of JSK Etiquette, focused on the dos and don’ts of car/transit etiquette.

What are you guilty of? What is your image like inside your vehicle? The answers to these questions say a lot about you. There are common things people tend to do, which is eating in the car. The problem is the aftermath.

Do you eat with the windows up? If you drop empty packs of food in your car, it becomes a dump. Cleaning of the car is really important at least once a week. Janet Adetu mentioned somethings you should have in your car and things that should go.

It is important to have:

•An air freshener

•A sanitizer •


A box of tissue paper

•A bottle of water for an emergency

In addition; •Don’t leave your laptop bags in your vehicle

•Don’t leave your keys in your vehicle

•Don’t drop important documents in your vehicle

•Ladies, avoid doing make up in the vehicle, so it won’t stain the car but if you must, carry along a towel to lay on your laps.


Always wipe your steering because that is where bacteria stays the most. It is important to spray your car at night to kill the bugs in the car because of the micro crumbs in the car you can’t see.

Avoid throwing things out of the window so you won’t be harassed by law enforcement agents.

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