A Girl Can Ask A Guy Out, But…

It’s strange in our society when girls ask guys out, but is there an issue with a lady asking a guy out? In this case, not for marriage, but going on a date.

The 21st century lady may have no issue asking a guy on a date, but speaking about standards, relationship coach, Idowu Tehillah says;

“When you ask a guy out, you kind of take the wind out of his sails. Guys are wired to chase ands girls are wired to sit pretty and be chased.

“The guy is flattered initially, but because you have taken the game away from them, he now become the ‘chasee.’ It’s not natural for them.”

Tehillah says the corny lines men like to use when chasing women, like, “heaven must be missing an angel,” you deprive them of using those lines when you ask them out.

Tope points out that some men like to be chased, and may not have an issue with a woman chasing or asking them out.


Tehillah doesn’t fault Tope’s point, she says asking a guy out on a date isn’t a problem.

“It’s a date, it’s not marry me. You’re not on bended knees saying please marry me. You can go ahead be friends, know where his head is at, like you (tope) said.

“You’ve asked him out, he’s flattered, but then the question is, who’s leading? who’s chasing?”

This brings Tehillah’s point of ”positioning.’ She says there are different ways to get the guy to notice you, or get the guy to ask you on a date, without actually asking. “You can send the right signal, and he will get it,” she says.

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