The funeral approach in Nigeria, lessons from Prince Philip’s funeral

Members of Britain’s royal family gathered in Windsor, England, for the funeral of Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II and the longest-serving consort in the history of the monarchy.

He died at the age of 99 on the 9th of April.

On your view this morning, the ladies highlighted on the approach in which the royal family handled the funeral service of Prince Phillip in contrast to other dignitaries in Nigeria.

The funeral Service of the prince was strictly attended by family.


According Morayo, Nigerians are known for their elaborate and large gatherings when it comes to celebrations. Even the issue of the pandemic doesn’t  seem to change much. Is culture playing a big role in this? Is Society class also a factor? Are burials in Nigeria just traditional gatherings or actual love for he deceased ?

These are some of the questions raised on the hot topic segment on Your View.

Watch the full discussion below;

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