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Building a strong mind after covid 19 – Akshay Jain.


The world was struck by a terrifying virus known as the covid-19 virus in 2020, this period was identified as a global pandemic.


This horrific virus took many lives and destroyed many businesses. How can we build a mind strong enough to fight the impact of this virus in our lives?


Akshay Jain, The Director, Art Of Living In Nigeria speaking on YOUR VIEW, share tips on how to build a Strong mind as a basis for good health and success.



“During the last one and a half years the pandemic has had a great impact on all of us. We all go through ups and downs we all have to find a way to deal with it.”


He talks about a program called the “happiness program” where people are thought meditating techniques, from which you can attain “a life time of happiness.”


This program is created to help people connect better in relationships and also create lasting happiness.


A few benefits of this program are?

1 It makes meditation better.

2 It builds resilience.

3 It helps you relax deeper.

4 It effectively reduces stress.

He further talks to us on how meditation isn’t a difficult task, meditation can be achieved by anybody, as long as you are ready to put your mind to rest.



“People have the wrong concept of meditation. Meditation is simply the art of doing nothing, it is a point of relaxation.”


“To achieve a balance in life meditating 20 minutes a day will really go a long way in building a strong mind.”



Monks are members of a religious community of men typically living under vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.


Monks are known as very reserved and quiet people with meditation as a part of their daily life. Must we practice the monk religion to get these benefits of meditation?


“we are not Italians but we eat pizza, meditation isn’t a property to any religion, anybody can do it.”



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