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Motivation Monday: The Secret Ingredients To Building High Performance Teams


We had certified leadership and life success coach in the studio. He talked about the secret ingredients to building high performance teams.


Ezeogu Chukwuemeka Kayode who is the head of academy & coaching services joined the wake up team to explain how workers can perform at an optimal level collectively.



He talked about 5 steps that will help attain success as a team and also identifying one step as the key step.

“It is the people individually that succeed and not just the bloc.”

“Google was able to drill down the keys to optimizing collective performance into 5 steps with one major step as the key step.”

“These 5 keys are;

1.Structure & clarity

2.Sense of meaning


3.Sense of impact


And the most important step is;

5.Psychological safety

The life coach emphasized on the importance of psychological safety and the need for it to be genuine.

“We cannot pretend to care for an individuals emotional safety because it is not sustainable.”


“If has to be genuine if not the team will not perform at an optimal level.”

Kayode furthermore talked about the significance of critics in the business space.

“When it comes to creating psychological safety, creating a room of constructive criticism gives an accurate feed back.”

“Give criticism based on who the individual is, you have to approach the person the right way.”

Watch the full video of this enlightening conversation via the link below;




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