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[tab title=”PROGRAM DETAILS” ]BOOMBOX presents a dynamic platform receptive to the pulse of the street – which accounts for over 80% of product(s) sales. It is a youth entertainment lifestyle product designed and developed as a communication vehicle through which brands identify, associate and exploit change.  BOOMBOX takes your messages directly to the community – the target’s backyard – and ensures that they relate with it.

Each week, BOOMBOX features the hottest music video chart count down, some of the coolest celebrity interviews, freestyle flavour, celebrity hot spot, news and lots more

[tab title=”MORE INFO” ]SHOWING ON SATURDAYS 9:00 am


[list list_items=”This is how I made, Making the legend, Reflections, HEY WAZUP! A click on HEY WAZUP!, Making the video, Cooking Da hits, Unsigned hype” icon=”momizat-icon-checkmark-circle” icon_color=”#78c13c” icon_size=”14″][/list] [list icon=”momizat-icon-user3″ icon_color=”#2395e0″ margin_bottom=”0″ ]Producer: O. Seun Areoye[/list][list icon=”steady-icon-phone” icon_color=”#e74c3c” margin_bottom=”0″ ]Phone: (+234)708 066 8014[/list][list icon=”momizat-icon-globe” icon_color=”#ffa507″ margin_bottom=”0″ ]Social: #boombox[/list] [/tab]
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