Food recipe: Bread Like Sushi Kebab

Chef Nathaniel brings us a recipe from Japan to warm up our appetite, a breakfast you can easily try at home. He names this one  'BREAD-LIKE SUSHI KEBAB! YUMMY' Ingredients: - Egg - Milk - Garlic - Chicken - Plantain - Cinnamon - Vegetables - Slice bread - Bell peppers - Black pepper - Spring onions - Nutmeg - Shredded carrot - Lettuce Procedure: Spice the chicken with black pepper, salt and nutmeg, then fry. On the bread  & mixed egg/milk add cinnamon for a particular flavor. We start with the bread by chopping off the edges. Next, we roll the bread up to flatten it Spread the mixed egg/milk on the bread, then fry that part for a while Fry the plantain and chicken, after which we add them on the fried bread, add the lettuce and the shredded carrot with other vegetables Next, we roll it up and fry again Then our Japanese recipe is ready. You can attempt this at home and you...

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