Various forms of allergy: Mr. Tuyi Mebawondu | Your View

Public Health Expert, Mr. Tuyi Mebawondu joined the ladies of Your View to discuss the forms of allergy. Morayo introduced the topic by stating that there a lot of us who are allergic to different kinds of stuff in one way or the other and are totally oblivious to it. Allergies exist in many different forms, and we might be surprised to learn different types of Allergies there are.

Would you subscribe to the 2-child policy? | Your View

The ladies of  Your View discussed the hot topic concerning  ‘A twitter user who said that the 2-child policy should be implemented till this poverty crisis is addressed.‘  Morayo asked the ladies if they agreed?  Is it really a major solution to eradicate poverty in the country? Did the policy work for countries who practiced it?

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