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[tab title=”PROGRAM DETAILS” ]TVC News provides a third eye to take the viewers beyond the headlines, the glamours, the cameras and the bookstands, to the crossroads where cultures and lifestyles meet the news and engages with what’s happening within Africa. It provides live audience from members of the public to take part in providing an extra eye on the subject of discourse, as regard the guest (eye)on hot seat and the anchor’s (eye).[/tab]
[tab title=”MORE INFO” ]SHOWING WEEKDAYS 11:30 am – 12:00 noon


[list list_items=”” icon=”momizat-icon-checkmark-circle” icon_color=”#78c13c” icon_size=”14″][/list] [list icon=”momizat-icon-user3″ icon_color=”#2395e0″ margin_bottom=”0″ ]Producer: Joshua[/list][list icon=”steady-icon-phone” icon_color=”#e74c3c” margin_bottom=”0″ ]Phone:+234(70) 806 680 14[/list][list icon=”momizat-icon-globe” icon_color=”#ffa507″ margin_bottom=”0″ ]Social: #thirdeye[/list] [/tab]
[tab title=”MEET THE ANCHOR” ]Ozi Okoli[/tab]
[tab title=”FANS REVIEW” ] Ngozi Nwaeze‎: i watched a programme on TVC and was quite impressed…