Dos and Don'ts Of Automatic Cars

Dos and Don’ts Of Automatic Cars

TVC's Breakfast show - #WakeUpNigeria, is a show that brings you a little bit of everything. And because we are particular about the safety of our viewers, we bring you tips and cautions with which you can maintain your automatic cars, courtesy Ayo Sofela of Ayomatics Autogarage. HOW TO DRIVE YOUR CAR THROUGH FLOOD: It is almost inevitable to drive through rain or flood, but before you do that, it is necessary to take these precautions for the good of your car. Lots of people have the mentality that driving very FAST through flood is the most appropriate thing to do but alas! danger is looming if you try it. A rotating fan in your engine could pick the water if you move fast and move the water to a naked ignition coil causing an electrical surge in the car which can damage a whole lot of things. If water gets to the alternator...

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